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Water treatment softening technologies are essential for industrial applications where water hardness can pose significant challenges to processes, equipment, and overall efficiency.

We offer containerized and skid-mounted water treatment systems for tasks like softening, dealkalization, and more, meeting various water needs flexibly and efficiently without harsh chemicals. This involves removing hardness salts from water to prevent buildup and provide softened water.

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Typical Applications

Serving as emergency solutions, maintaining process water quality during unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected disruptions in regular water treatment systems or changes in feed water quality.

Providing softened water to ensure that equipment remains in optimal condition during planned maintenance or shutdowns of industrial facilities.

Assisting in sustaining process efficiency during periods of changing water quality, such as temperature-induced hardness variations.

Removing hardness ions, preventing scale buildup, and maintaining efficient heat transfer in boilers, heat exchangers, and other equipment.

Providing high-quality process water for short-term projects or construction sites without requiring permanent infrastructure.

Success Story

The client, a prominent company in Belgium, specializes in the collection, processing, and commercialization of milk from 2,800 dairy farms.
As a milk processing factory, the client faced heightened water quality standards. While their long-term plan involves constructing a new RO system to cater to their plant operations’ process water needs, they turned to Mobile Water Solutions for an interim solution.

We stepped in with a softener system MOSO 2x1200C, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective water treatment solution for the coming year and beyond, aligning perfectly with the client’s demands.
Through our solution, the client gains the dual benefits of a dependable and economically efficient approach to their project. Moreover, they can be assured of meeting their water quality mandates, guaranteeing compliance with consents.

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