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Sludge dewatering
NSP unit

Sludge disposal costs constitute a significant portion of operational expenses for wastewater and waste treatment systems. Employing dewatering techniques can substantially curtail these costs by facilitating the integration of dewatered sludge into a biogas installation, yielding increased biogas production.

NSP’s sludge dewatering treatment process efficiently produces highly concentrated dewatered cake and clean centrate water. This results in a substantial reduction in sludge volume, leading to significant cost savings associated with disposal. The NSP unit consists of pre-assembled components, making it flexible and easy to install. It can be seamlessly integrated into larger wastewater treatment projects or used independently in new or existing facilities. 

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Typical applications

Reducing sludge volume with typical dry solids content of 20%. Solids capture of more than 95%, reducing filtrate treatment cost.

Providing an immediate solutions for both new and existing wastewater treatment plants. They ensure effective sludge management, reduce operational disruptions, and offer a practical approach to addressing varying sludge volumes and situations.