Reverse Osmosis
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Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that employs a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate contaminants, including ions, molecules, and larger particles, yielding clean drinking and industrial-grade water for various applications.

Mobile Water Solutions provides a range of assets featuring mobile brackish water purification equipment, utilizing highly efficient reverse osmosis technology. These assets efficiently remove dissolved salts, organic and inorganic molecules, and particles from water through a semi-permeable membrane.

Our reliable and flexible equipment, available in both trailer-mounted and container configurations, ensures easy transportation and deployment. The setup encompasses standard features such as chemical dosing systems for process enhancement (scaling control, chlorine removal, CO2 optimization), as well as an insulated trailer/container with lighting, heating, ventilation, minimum 2 bar feed pressure, pre-filters, hoses, and accessories.

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Typical Applications

Ensuring a continuous supply of treated water for all emergency scenarios, such as control failures and defective equipment.

Supplying high-quality water to effectively flush away and/or dissolve impurities, facilitating their effortless removal from the boiler’s internal surfaces and tubes.

Supporting the existing plant to ensure site production is maintained during shortages of supplies, such as acid and caustic for demineralization plants or membranes for reverse osmosis plants.

Generating additional treated water volumes when your installed plant has limited capacity during peak demand periods caused by production spikes or external factors like weather changes or alterations in feed water supplies.

Supplying treated water that meets your requirements, particularly when unforeseen variations in your raw water supply occur due to seasonal shifts in the summer or elevated levels of suspended solids during periods of heavy rainfall.

Removing a wide range of impurities, contaminants, and dissolved substances from treated wastewater to ensure the water meets the required quality standards for safe and environmentally-friendly reuse.

Success Story

The client, a prominent Spanish Energy and Petrochemical multinational, operates a chemicals division that produces essential ingredients for everyday items like soaps and food packaging.

When the client’s plant required maintenance and the replacement of reverse osmosis membranes, they faced the decision of switching from cellulose acetate to new aromatic polyamide thin-film-composite membranes. This transition held potential risks for their production processes.

To address this challenge, MWS deployed a  reverse osmosis unit MORO 4X25T, ensuring a treated water capacity of up to 100 m3/hr with a conductivity level below 20 µS/cm.

By implementing our solution, the client was able to guarantee both the quality and quantity of water throughout the membrane replacement process, mitigating production disruption.

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