Flocculation/Flotation IPF and IPC range

Flocculation and flotation are wastewater treatment methods. Flocculation involves gently mixing wastewater with flocculants to create larger particles (flocs) that facilitate their settling or removal.  Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), introduces air bubbles to attach to particles and lift them to the water’s surface for removal. Both processes are integral to wastewater treatment, with flocculation enhancing particle aggregation and flotation using bubbles for effective separation. Together, they ensure the efficient removal of contaminants before water discharge or reuse.

Mobile Water Solutions offer the IPF series – a stainless steel solution available in skid-mounted and containerized configurations for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Each unit comes with essentials: a feed pump, chemical container, advanced DAF system, and sludge pump. The range handles versatile flow rates (2 to 135 m³/h) and load capacity (15 to 200 D.S kg/h). Compliance is ensured with chloride levels under 1,500 mg/l. This solution offers proven technology, space-efficient containerized design, no CAPEX investment, efficient removal efficiency, and online monitoring.

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Typical Applications

Offering an agile, efficient, and adaptable approach to wastewater fluctuations, our solutions ensure environmental protection, operational continuity, and regulatory compliance. They also provide a practical alternative to permanent infrastructure investments.

Offer adaptability, rapid deployment, and effective treatment capabilities to address the challenges of removing suspended solids, oil and greases, and coagulated/flocculated particles. 

Enhancing activated sludge processes by offering adaptability, scalability, customization, and rapid deployment. It ensures continuous, efficient, and compliant biological treatment even in challenging or changing conditions.

Ensuring that the treatment capacity matches the influx of wastewater and maintains effective treatment during peak times. The assets can be adjusted based on volume and load requirements.

Addressing sudden or seasonal changes in industrial processes to prevent overloading existing infrastructure. The assets can be adjusted based on volume and load requirements.

Success Story

One of Europe’s leading sugar beet producers faced efficiency challenges in their anaerobic treatment due to high solids content. We provided a tailored solution with our IPF90 containerized pre-treatment unit for 6 months. 

This all-inclusive system includes pumps, chemical dosing, and controls within a single container. Its advanced automation ensures adaptability across varying water specifications. Boasting a high flow rate of up to 90 m³/h and a D.S. load capacity of 175 kg/h, the containerized setup optimizes space utilization. Remote monitoring guarantees seamless oversight, enhancing anaerobic treatment efficiency.

Clients also gain access to process experts and personalized operational support, ensuring a successful outcome.

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