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SWRO and MOFI range

We offer desalination solutions that combine various technologies for both surface water and well water intake. This flexibility enables effective treatment of high salinity water from diverse feed water sources.

The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) can be used in combination with a pre-filtration system used to treat borehole and surface water, industrial process water, seawater beach wells, and surface water.

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Typical Applications

Serving as temporary water supply solutions while traditional water infrastructure is repaired or restored.

Producing drinking water meeting strict quality standards, removing dissolved salts, contaminants, and pathogens in the feed water.

Supplying treated water that consistently meets quality standards, even with changing feed water conditions, for a dependable and safe water source.

Removing dissolved salts and minerals from feedwater, reducing the risk of scaling and fouling in downstream process equipment.

Removing salt and impurities following the intrusion of seawater into freshwater sources due to factors like drought or excessive groundwater pumping.

Success Story

Following Hurricane Irma’s devastation in 2017, Saint Martin faced the urgent need to restore essential services, primarily the production and distribution of drinking water. With the island’s three seawater desalination units, supplying 5,000 m³ of drinking water daily, severely damaged, Mobile Water Solutions responded promptly by mobilizing a SWRO 30C unit from Europe.

This modular reverse osmosis system effectively treated feed waters with high salt content. This temporary solution remained operational for six months, ensuring the island had access to essential drinking water until repairs could be completed at the water treatment plant. This emergency response provided crucial drinking water to the island, with a production capacity of up to 30 m³/h of treated water and impressive water purification, achieving a rejection rate of up to 99%.

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