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From your initial contact to swift delivery and continuous support throughout the rental period, NSI Mobile Water Solutions ensures your access to safe and reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions.

By subscribing to our services, you unlock a comprehensive selection of modular, pre-engineered technologies, backed by over 25 years of operational excellence in the water treatment market. This approach provides a cost-efficient substitute for fixed treatment plants, with adaptable rental payments fitting your operational budget (Opex), eliminating capital expenditure (Capex) requirements.

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3 mobile water services to match all requirements

Immediate cover. Safeguard your business continuity and mitigate expensive downtimes and production losses caused by emergencies impacting your fixed water treatment plant.

24/7 Short-Term Coverage >

ReAct Priority Service >

From 1 day to 1 year. Secure a reliable supply of treated water and wastewater to guarantee continuous production cycles during scheduled downtimes, start-ups, or refurbishment work.

Operational Sites >

Engineering Houses >

From 1 to 7 years. Access a cost-effective alternative to fixed plants with mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions designed to fulfill your long-term needs.

Longer-Term Coverage >

Why Go Mobile?


Years of Experience

Over 25 years of experience in mobile water solutions


On Call. Anywhere. Anytime

Always ready to respond to your (waste)water emergency


Mobile Assets

A large fleet of mobile water and wastewater assets

Ready to dive into temporary water and wastewater treatment solutions?

More Services

Experience 24/7 water security with ReAct

Mobile Water Solutions’ ReAct “Treated Water Security” Plan is designed for companies relying on critical water treatment systems. Register for this complimentary service to safeguard your business against water treatment plant failures that could otherwise impact overall production.

With an immediate response to your emergency call, MWS swiftly deploys appropriate mobile water treatment resources, ensuring rapid recovery and uninterrupted supply. Count on us for minimal disruption and continuous service continuity, powered by ReAct.

Learn more >

Exchangeable Cylinder Service

Ensure a continuous supply of high-quality water with MWS’ exchangeable cylinders – a reliable and efficient service offering swappable media vessels designed to meet your specific purified water requirements.

Get in touch with our experts to explore a range of top-quality stainless steel media cylinders. Our services include standard connections, additional quality measurement devices, and installation.

Learn more >