Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment
Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Temporary mobile water and wastewater treatment services provide an optimal solution for diverse process stages in industrial pulp and paper plants. These services not only yield significant fixed cost reductions but also ensure uninterrupted supply 24/7, 365 days a year.

As industrial operators increasingly seek ways to enhance water management practices, optimizing treatment processes is becoming more important to stay competitive in the sector.

Water’s Key Role in Pulp and Paper Production

In the pulp and paper industry, efficient production while maintaining environmental responsibility hinges on managing water flow rates and maintaining required water quality. Flow rates vary across operations like pulping, bleaching, paper production, cooling systems, and wastewater treatment. These rates depend on production scale, ranging from hundreds to thousands of cubic meters per hour (m³/h) or more.

Quality Assurance

Equally vital, water quality standards must be met to prevent disruptions in chemical reactions and ensure optimal fiber quality. Treated water used in paper production must be free of contaminants that could compromise product excellence, including particles that might blemish the paper’s surface. Lastly, effective wastewater treatment remains crucial for removing pollutants before discharge.

The Advantages of Mobile Water Solutions

Incorporating mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions in the pulp and paper industry offers enhanced flexibility, scalability, and uninterrupted supply. By replacing or supplementing conventional setups, these solutions drive substantial cost savings and align rental fees with operational budgets, avoiding additional capital requirements. This mobility empowers facilities to swiftly adapt to changing water demands, ensuring sustainable production practices. Advanced monitoring and control technologies in mobile systems optimize resource use, comply with regulations, streamline operations, reduce environmental impact, and enhance production excellence.

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Pulp and Paper applications

Mobile Process and Boiler Feed Water

In the pulp and paper industry, water treatment is vital for production efficiency and environmental sustainability. Technologies like Reverse Osmosis, Clarification, Membrane Filtration, Ion, Exchange, Softening, and Degassing are used to maintain product quality, reduce environmental impact, and ensure compliance.

  • Boiler make-up water for steam generation
  • Condensate polishing
  • Post or pre-treatment of your existing plant
  • Additional treated water for commissioning or projects
  • Temporary service for refurbishment or maintenance
  • Failure of the water treatment plant
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Process water

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Mobile Wastewater and Reuse

Wastewater treatment in the pulp and paper industry is essential for managing pollutants from production. Processes like Primary, Secondary (Biological), and Tertiary Treatment, along with technologies such as DAF, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Filtration, and Sludge Dewatering ensure compliance with local discharge regulations and reduced environmental impact.

  • Emergency response
  • Shutdowns and turnaround
  • Wastewater pre-treatment
  • Water reuse
  • Seasonal variations
  • Regulatory compliance

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