Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment
Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

Temporary mobile water and wastewater treatment services provide an optimal solution for diverse process stages within petrochemical plants. They reduce fixed costs and ensure 24/7, 365-day uninterrupted supply.

As industrial operators increasingly prioritize enhanced water management, optimizing treatment processes becomes paramount for maintaining competitiveness in the sector.

Crucial Water Dynamics in Petrochemical Operations

In the Petrochemical industry, water flow rates and treated water quality hold crucial roles in achieving efficient production while upholding environmental responsibility. Water serves as a critical resource across petrochemical plants, utilized for cooling, steam generation, cleaning, and washing.

Varied Flow Rates and Quality Demands

Flow rates vary widely, ranging from hundreds to thousands of cubic meters per hour (m³/h), and water quality requirements show diversity based on specific applications. Precise purity is essential for water used in chemical reactions and heat exchange to prevent undesired interactions and maintain reaction efficiency. This emphasizes water’s significance in averting issues like fouling, scaling, and corrosion, ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency. Effective wastewater treatment facilitates efficient resource management and compliance with environmental regulations.

The Advantages of Mobile Water Solutions

Opting to replace or supplement fixed water or wastewater treatment systems with temporary mobile solutions offers transformative benefits to the petrochemical industry. Beyond efficient and sustainable water management, reduced fixed costs, and environmental responsibility, these solutions provide essential operational agility. Swift adaptation to changing production demands and the ability to respond to emergencies ensure continuous water treatment. This flexibility, combined with economic efficiency and environmental consciousness, underscores the value of mobile water solutions as a cornerstone for success in the dynamic petrochemical sector.

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Petrochemical applications

Mobile Process and Boiler Feed Water

In petrochemical processes like cooling, steam generation, and chemical reactions, effective water treatment methods are crucial. These methods, such as Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Filtration, Clarification, and Desalination ensure water quality, equipment protection, and environmental compliance. They enable the petrochemical industry to meet standards, minimize impact, and maintain efficiency.

  • Boiler make-up water for steam generation
  • Process water
  • Condensate polishing
  • Post or pre-treatment of your existing plant
  • Additional treated water for commissioning or projects
  • Temporary service for refurbishment or maintenance
  • Failure of water treatment plant
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Cooling water treatment

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Mobile Wastewater and Reuse

Wastewater treatment is crucial for managing and treating effluents. Various processes like Primary, Secondary (Biological), and Tertiary Treatment are used. Technologies like Flotation, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Filtration, and Sludge Dewatering are also applied. These processes and technologies ensure proper effluent disposal, minimize environmental impact, and meet regulations.

  • Emergency response
  • Pre-treatment
  • Biological treatment
  • Adaptable capacity
  • Painting and coating operations
  • Seasonal operations
  • Construction and expansion
  • Dewatering sludge
  • Micro-pollution
  • pH adjustment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Shutdown and turnaround
  • Water reuse
  • PFAS removal

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