Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment
Solutions for the Metal Industry

Temporary mobile water and wastewater treatment services are an ideal solution for various process stages in metals processing plants. They enable significant reductions in fixed costs and ensure uninterrupted supply 24/7, 365 days a year.

As industrial operators increasingly seek ways to enhance water management, optimizing treatment processes becomes ever more crucial to maintain competitiveness in the industrial sector.

Strategic Water Flow and Quality

Water flow rates and quality in the metals industry mirror the sector’s commitment to precision, product excellence, and responsible resource usage. The versatile applications of water resources range from cooling molten metals to lubricating metal-forming processes. Flow rates are strategic and vary based on materials and specific processes such as Cooling and Quenching, Cleaning and Surface Treatment, and Material Forming.

Quality Matters

Beyond water volume, its quality stands as a critical factor in the metals industry and environmental compliance. As water directly contacts metals, stringent quality standards prevent contamination and maintain material integrity. Proper water quality ensures unblemished metal surfaces, especially during surface treatment processes where imperfections can compromise coatings and finishes. Finally, effective wastewater treatment enables efficient resource management and compliance with environmental standards.

The Advantages of Mobile Water Solutions

Replacing or supplementing fixed water or wastewater treatment methods with temporary mobile solutions streamlines water management, reducing fixed costs. Rental fees easily fit into your operational budget (Opex), eliminating the need for capital investment (Capex) and infrastructure development. Beyond financial benefits, mobile water systems offer operational advantages. Their adaptability tailors water usage to production phases, while agile units swiftly respond to fluctuations and equipment issues. This shift also emphasizes environmental stewardship. Mobile units use resource-efficient technologies, reducing the industry’s ecological impact. This approach enhances resilience and aligns with environmental concerns and regulations.

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Metal applications

Mobile Process and Boiler Feed Water

In the metals industry, water is vital across production stages. Effective treatment ensures quality, compliance, and eco-responsibility. Technologies include Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Filtration, and Desalination. They assure quality, prevent corrosion, support efficiency, and align with sustainability.

  • Boiler make-up water for steam generation
  • Condensate polishing
  • Post or pre-treatment of your existing plant
  • Additional treated water for commissioning or projects
  • Temporary service for refurbishment or maintenance
  • Failure of water treatment plant
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Process water

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Mobile Wastewater and Reuse

Wastewater treatment harmonizes operational demands with environmental considerations, employing techniques like DAF, Membrane Filtration, Sludge Management, and Water Reuse to address specific challenges, thus ensuring both efficiency and ecological responsibility within the metals sector.

  • Emergency response
  • Pre-treatment
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Adaptable capacity
  • Construction and expansion
  • Dewatering sludge
  • Micro-pollution
  • Dewatering sludge
  • Ore processing
  • pH adjustments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Shutdown and turnaround
  • Tailing pond water
  • Water reuse

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