Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment
Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Designed for seamless integration into industrial food and beverage production processes, mobile water and wastewater treatment services enhance the efficiency of food and beverage plants by ensuring uninterrupted continuity of production. Opting for a temporary water treatment solution not only reduces fixed expenses, but also guarantees a constant 24/7 supply throughout the year.

As the industrial sector increasingly emphasizes optimizing water management, refining treatment processes becomes pivotal for maintaining competitiveness.

Water Quality: Critical for Safety and Quality

Water quality considerations in the industry are critical to product quality, consumer safety, and environmental responsibility. Food safety requires water to meet strict quality standards to avoid contamination and ensure the safety of the final product. For beverages, water quality impacts taste, color, and consistency, ensuring consistent and appealing products. Sanitation ensures the effective removal of contaminants and microbes to prevent cross-contamination.

Versatile Flow Rates

Water consumption and flow rates in the food and beverage industry also vary from hundreds to thousands of cubic meters per hour (m³/h) or more, based on the products being processed and specific operations such as cleaning, sanitation, food processing, cooling, heating, and beverage production.

Finally, effective wastewater treatment enables efficient resource management and compliance with environmental standards.

The Benefits of Mobile Solutions

By incorporating mobile solutions to either temporarily replace or supplement traditional water treatment plants, your industrial operations can adopt efficient and sustainable water resource management, providing peace of mind for as long as required. These solutions offer flexibility and scalability, ensuring quick deployment during production spikes or emergencies. Moreover, rental fees can be accommodated within your operational budget (OPEX), eliminating the necessity for capital investment (CAPEX) or infrastructure development.

Secure your production continuity. Anytime, anywhere.

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Food and Beverage Applications

Mobile Process and Boiler Feed Water

In the food and beverage industry, water’s pivotal role demands precise treatment for quality, safety, and regulatory adherence. Technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Filtration, Membrane Filtration, and Activated Carbon achieve this. These processes ensure industry water meets quality standards, prevents contamination, and supports sustainability.

  • Boiler make-up water for steam generation
  • Condensate polishing
  • Post or pre-treatment of your existing plant
  • Additional treated water for commissioning or projects
  • Temporary service for refurbishment or maintenance
  • Failure of the water treatment plant
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Process water

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Mobile Wastewater and Reuse

Effective wastewater treatment is crucial in the food and beverage industry for diverse effluents from production. This involves specialized processes and technologies like DAF, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Filtration, and Sludge Treatment. These ensure compliance, align with regulations, and safeguard operational licenses.

  • Emergency response
  • Pre-treatment
  • Biological treatment
  • Adaptable capacity
  • Color and odor removal
  • Construction and expansion
  • Dewatering sludge
  • pH adjustments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Resource recovery (Biogas / Fats, oil and grease)
  • Seasonal operations
  • Shutdown and turnaround 
  • Water reuse

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