Tackling the PFAS Crisis: How NSI Mobile Water Solutions is Leading the Way

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), often referred to as « forever chemicals, » have been utilized for decades due to their exceptional resistance to water, oil, and stains. However, these man-made chemicals do not break down in the environment, leading to widespread contamination of soil and water sources. Mounting evidence links PFAS exposure to serious health issues, including cancer, thyroid disease, and weakened immunity in children, raising alarm over their presence in drinking water.

The Rising Tide of PFAS Regulation

As the dangers of PFAS become increasingly evident, global regulatory bodies are stepping up their efforts to limit and treat PFAS contamination. The European Union is advancing plans to ban all non-essential PFAS uses by 2025. Germany has set one of the world’s strictest PFAS limits in drinking water, while the Netherlands aims to phase out PFAS production and use by 2030.

Industries such as chemical manufacturing, metal plating, petroleum refining, and the military face significant challenges due to these evolving regulations. These sectors, already grappling with costly PFAS-related litigation, now face stricter directives to manage ongoing discharges and groundwater contamination, critical for maintaining regulatory compliance and public trust. This regulatory pressure has amplified the demand for effective PFAS treatment solutions.

Innovative Mobile Solutions for PFAS Treatment

As regulations tighten, the need for advanced water treatment technologies has never been more urgent. Enter NSI Mobile Water Solutions (NSI MWS), a division of Nijhuis Saur Industries. Specializing in mobile and adaptable water treatment systems, NSI MWS is at the forefront of helping industries meet stringent PFAS standards.

« Our mobile plug-and-play systems are designed to target specific PFAS compounds and contamination levels, » says Stef de Buck, Sales & Business Development Manager Belgium at NSI Mobile Water Solutions. « We collaborate closely with clients to develop tailored treatment approaches that meet their unique needs. »

Comprehensive Service Offerings

NSI Mobile Water Solutions offers an extensive range of services, including:

  • Water Sampling and Analysis: Real-time monitoring to ensure treatment performance meets regulatory requirements.
  • Advanced Treatment Technologies: Utilizing granular activated carbon (GAC), ion exchange (IX) resins, and dissolved air flotation (DAF) to remove various PFAS from groundwater, drinking water, and other sources.
  • Pilot Testing Services: Allowing clients to evaluate and optimize treatment solutions on specific waste streams before committing to full-scale investments.
  • End-to-End Solutions: Covering system sizing, equipment provision, installation oversight, operational support, and regulatory compliance assistance.

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Real-World Impact: A Case Study

In the Benelux region, a leading water utility provider faced new regulations mandating a reduction in PFAS levels in their drinking water from 100 nanograms per liter to 50 ng/L. NSI MWS responded by deploying a modular system housed in a 20-foot container, equipped with four vessels containing selective resin media. This compact and mobile solution treated a flow rate of 160 m³/h, ensuring compliance with the new standards without disrupting water supply.

Meeting PFAS Challenges Head-On

As global PFAS regulations become more stringent, proactive and proven treatment solutions are essential. The EU’s potential ban on all intentionally added PFAS highlights the extensive impact on industries. NSI Mobile Water Solutions stands out as the ideal partner, offering innovative technologies, rapid deployment, and global expertise.

From pilot testing to full-scale implementation, NSI MWS integrates seamlessly into clients’ operations, providing site-specific strategies tailored to each PFAS contamination profile. As public scrutiny intensifies, NSI Mobile Water Solutions enables companies to meet environmental obligations while maintaining operational continuity.

For any company facing PFAS challenges, the time to partner with a trusted water treatment expert like NSI Mobile Water Solutions is now. Their comprehensive approach ensures compliance without compromising business needs.

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About the Author

Stef de Buck

Sales & Business Development Manager, Belgium

With 6.5 years in water solutions, I offer technical expertise and strong relationship-building skills. Moving from field service engineer to Sales Manager, I’ve gained comprehensive industry knowledge.

My journey showcases dedication to solving challenges and delivering effective solutions, whether managing projects or nurturing client relationships for success.

Ensure compliance with stringent PFAS regulations while maintaining operational continuity.

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