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In a world where water resources are growing scarce, Mobile Water Solutions (MWS) steps in to help you tackle the daily challenges of water and wastewater management. We take immense pride in our role.

Our mission is clear: to be your preferred provider of mobile water solutions, surpassing your expectations. Within mere hours, our expert team offers technical proficiency and deploys mobile treatment systems to address your industrial sites’ water supply challenges.

Going mobile is an ideal solution – be it Emergencies, Planned projects (commissioning, refurbishment, or maintenance), or even Multi-Year periods requiring treated water supply. At MWS, we stand ready to address your unique water needs with agile and effective solutions.

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Your leading expert in mobile water treatment solutions

In December 2022, Veolia Mobile Water Services’ European division transitioned to become the global mobile water treatment services platform under Nijhuis Saur Industries (NSI), reinforcing its leading position in the Industrial Water market. This move led to our rebranding as NSI Mobile Water Solutions.

Our growing expertise and expanding mobile fleet for both process and wastewater applications continue to solidify our standing as prominent players within the industrial water market segment.

Our Values

At Mobile Water Solutions, our culture thrives on five core values, steering daily decisions and actions. They define our identity, shaping interactions and guiding behavior across operations.

Health and Safety

We believe that all accidents can be prevented. We have built a strong safety culture that goes beyond simple compliance, with preventative approaches to help improve safety at all times.

  • Risk assessment and awareness
  • Behaviour and vigilance
  • Near misses and dangerous situations reporting
  • Safety in our service design
  • Applying the requirements of high-risk management standards

Proven Excellence

As a client, you can put your trust in our technical expertise. Our mobile systems are certified according to applicable local regulations and codes whilst meeting the highest manufacturing standards.

  • UK – Certification
    ISO 9001: Quality Assurance Management System
    ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
    ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management 
  • France – Certification
    ISO 9001: Quality Assurance Management System
  • Germany – Certification
    SCCP – Safety Certificate for Contractors for Petrochemicals

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NSI Mobile Water Solutions in numbers


Creation Date

Over 25 years of experience in mobile water solutions


On-Call Duty

On-call to respond to your (waste) water emergency



A growing team
100% dedicated to MWS

Mobile Assets

A large fleet of mobile water and wastewater assets


Million Litres

Liters of ion exchange resins regenerated per year



Over 5,000 rental water and wastewater references